Patient Flow Simulator

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Ward management

Distribute resources in your hospital and make policy decisions. Then click Run!

Ward list
Select a ward to edit
Simulation setup
Less powerful machines may need longer per iteration.

Simulation controls
Simulation history:


Find out how well your hospital is performing.

Summary statistics

Overall properties of the hospital and any patients admitted in the previous simualtion. Costs are shown per run, which is 1 day by default.

Hospital summary
  • Total resources used:
    , cost £
  • Total bed capacity:
    , cost £
  • Total staff:
    , cost £
  • Total operating cost: £
Performance summary
  • Mean Emergency wait:
  • Emergency visits meeting target:
  • Mean hospital occupancy:
Patient summary
  • Simulation complete:
  • Patients simulated:
  • Patients admitted:
  • Patients discharged:
  • Patients in hospital when simulation ended:
  • Total transfers:
  • Overflow transfers:
  • Unique paths:
The patient flow network

Nodes represent wards and directed edges represent the movement of patients between wards. Edge weight (thickness) is the relative proportion of all transfers that went through each edge. Use the analysis buttons below to scale node size based on centrality.

Network analysis

Emergency performance

Analyse the distribution of length of stay in any ward, including emergency department waiting time.

Ward occupnacy

Analyse the occupancy of all wards over time. Occupancy is shown as the % of beds in use per ward. Click the lengend to show/hide wards.

Observed paths

Analyse the actual paths patients take through your hosptial.

Most common paths
Path length

Analyse the frequency of paths by length

Ward queue length

Analyse the number of patients waiting for admission to each ward over time. Click the lengend to show/hide wards.

Causes of delay

Delays that arise within wards might be due to a shortage of staff or resources.

Simulation history

Monitor the performance of your hospital over consecutive simulations. You can reload any previous configuration from the history table. Note that as occupancy only counts admitted patients, the Emergency ward is not included.